So High (Produced By Gonz)

by Frank Knight

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This is a track Frank Knight and fellow Fraternity Producer Gonz collaborated on. It deals with Frank Knight expressing an elevated mind state of being transcended into a thought pattern "so high" many won't understand.


(Verse 1)

Exclusive rulers, before the chunking of deuces
It was quarter water movements, fly phat bubble gooses
I rock the naked truth see I bare it like a nudist
The talk of black God's who seen the pain of Anubis
Is the era I grew up in the same one I'm stuck in
The one with dead cousins who wasn't quick with they ducking
Damn near recall all, crates were on the wall
No scoreboard pure raw form of ghetto ball
Rocked lumberjacks like we ain't royal and regal
Yo lady in the see through, come stunt like Knievel
Vehicles with free willies, streets sharks who eat you
They evil if they see you leave you blue like bob in reboot
It was easy back then when today was tomorrow
When sun had heat, he would hit the Apollo
No internet beef just get in that street
And fight till it's no feeling left in ya feet


So high, so high that the pain fade
So high, so high that the shame fade
So high, so high that my soul fly
Take me to another high, high (2x)

(Verse 2)

Ya see I wake up in the morning giving praises to Allah
Still screaming out F the world it keep me so appalled
The plight of our life is a fight where none of us right lord
Pen dope ghetto battle tales, my writing type Shaw
My hood tend to violate, the misses get busy
On the grizzy catching wreck with a ratchet so Rizzy
Now peep the lies smooth talking cursed no gypsy
They gritty bare arms for raw fist full of grizzly
Jefe essay's moving lines as they site raw
They kill your kids, so they kids could live to fight more
Crabs in the buckets bucking seek a piece of something
I'm from a real world a world where they bleed for nothing
Dancing with the devil on a hellish dance floor
Lose your mind when you fail and your best plans fall
Been burnt to the point you feel your shoes melted
With sweat on your white meat like your skin pelted


(Verse 3)

We came from the side where brothers is real dirty
Living seven thirty cause our blocks hold turf beef
And this go way back before it was gray in wave cap
Of the O.G. in the Maybach who was molded stay strap
Who was schooling us, don't let the lies of the school in us
Just learn and take they knowledge but don't let it ruin us
Use it to our advantage, leave the ghetto, be they neighbor
Give 'em discomfort every morning when we take the paper
They hold they daughters tighter with fears we might rape her
They dread the day she run to us and treat us as a savior
They kids jacking the slang, and think they niggers now
So what if they grew up hard, they never felt a niggers down
It's funny for the first time when these chicks clutch they purses
But after a while it get on your nerves, like how I make you nervous
The world still racist some submit to they rapist
They mouth where they place piss smiling while they take fist


released 06 January 2014




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