Black In America: Tears From Clarissa

by Frank Knight

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#RIP To all who've been victimized by injustice


What it’s like to be black in America,?
And you live where death erupt you see it on the regular
The system ain’t protecting us, so we got a tech to bust
Lynches to Eric Gardner, show they still want the breath of us
Ain’t it bad enough that they stole our identity
While uncle toms saying well nah they ain’t offending me
These non indictments and my uncles time is offending me
Inner me, say y’all enemies bringing end to me
And I tend to see, from New York to Tennessee
It’s a sin to me in the center see I see y’all sinner seed
In the black community look at what you do to me
Why do you hate me so, and I react like it’s new to me
Y’all beat our fathers and father figures into submission
And looked us in the eyes saying the only thing switching
Is us and the beaten strong men beat position
Right after they body give out from taking all them whippings
People stare they watch and listen; scared in they eyes
We definitely see they filled with more fear than they pride
Afraid to justly react to unjustified acts
Where they try to check us like we time and a half
They American Violet Violate our loving moms
I rather hold your heart than to be clutching arms
But if they dare try to beat that smile from your face
Than no gun is on my waist just bullets in they face
This big beef don't police slavery as peace to me
Oh you want a piece of me? Why settle for a piece?
The fire that's in me like bullets inside of a semi
Y’all burned us with third degree, with your first degree
So no officer I won’t reveal my name
Through the windows of my soul where I seal/sill my pain/pane
It’s credits from cops clips on young Tamir Rice
They ended a young star before he premiered life
Five days before my birthday, his family been weeped
Weak from that hurt day of a twelve year old deceased
Now we heard about Jerome’s niece back at Jones beach
What about Aiyana Stanley-Jones seven years old sleep
Innocent and in the sense of her innocence
On May ten and six it was just missing sense
Police raided in it, started spraying in it
Well you seen Crooked Smile video that’s how they did it
Her grandma said they blew her brains out in front of her eyes
At seven years old she seen the light go out her eyes
No indictment when it’s black lives damn you do realize
The overseer officer just here to steal lives


released December 8, 2014




Frank Knight Brooklyn, New York

Frank Knight is a young dreamer
Follow on Instagram @FrankKnizza

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