Scriptures of The Ghetto 7

by Frank Knight

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Frank Knight & French Producer "Slim-Guesh" team to tell a riveting story of their perspective on life and the world via the Hip-Hop tradition with dope beats and doper rhymes.


[Verse 1: Frank Knight]

I got the mind of niggers, mentioned in violent scriptures
It’s not a game, but I can bet not many minds is sicker
I’m on the biggest mission trying to define the picture
Keep your hands to self, if you steal mines I whip ya
The king watch me on the throne I got you with the lift up
You show me respect you start my name off with Mr.
Sages know these pages I written was mean to save us
We long for home so much that’s why we stargazers
To the spaceship I take us we more than mob players
We the true immaculate spiritual beings God favors
Because before a chimp I’m a pimp in hard gators
I evolve from atom/Adam matter don’t you dare Barclay us
Make us out to be a show and dumb us with your money
If man came from monkeys why are they still monkeys
Oh the rest genealogy stopped at that physiology
Talk is cheap, and y’all niggers sounding like a Dollar Tree
I fathered the flow that many want to make a mockery
Chuck Berry to you rap niggers a lot y’all can’t rock with me
Crackers like what I sport that’s why they all jocking me
They Elvis in the club they doing more than just watching me
So for the fake I hold hate like the triple K's with AK's
To the black mans face whom they daughter loves to taste
My people I want awake, while others want our wakes
That’s why I don’t wrestle with snakes or run with the Jakes

[Break: Frank Knight]

[Verse 2: Frank Knight]

I got visions and dreams without using triple beams
I got visions and dreams to make major big cream
Follow me on that yellow brick road Ms. Dorothy
I show you a place better than home no stor-ory (story)
Here dreamers stay trying stay away from pain range
I love it no escape I just want to make a change
For the path-finding fates, who on the same pathway
I mean we all got friends slain, reminiscing all day
My niece died at night so I teared in broad day
Screaming out why in the stairs and hallway
Tagging loved names showing our love still remains
Like scars from a needles fangs pierced in a fiends veins
Using belts from they waist to find missing veins
They the loss dreamers who submitted to they damn shames
But still we show we still caring with our lighters to the ceiling
Messing up the building, cause we messed up with our feelings
Two and more came and one came limping with a cane
All gathered in the name praying that our soul saved
And we take a path that's opposite from the Gator way
So our clothes ain't red wetted like a coach with Gatorade
We speak Zion keep trying, still we keep dying
Police sirens why our baby mama keep crying
No passenger Rosa Parks, we backseat riding
Poisoned in the apple, our government be rotten


released September 1, 2016
Artist: Frank Knight
Producer: Slim-Guesh



all rights reserved


Frank Knight Brooklyn, New York

Frank Knight is a young dreamer
Follow on Instagram @FrankKnizza

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